Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Digital Storytelling and Our Family History

Story mapping is adding our own photos and stories to digital maps so other people can read them. One of the benefits that I can see is the connection between generations as we go through the photos and hear the stories. Then transcribe them into a digital format.

Research shows that photo albums often unlock memories of people who struggle with talking in the here and now. What a great way to interact. How many great memories they might revisit when they see their old house on Maple Street.

I am including 2 videos about Historypin. Historypin was developed by We Are What We Do in partnership with Google. They say Historypin is "Action 132: Share a Piece of Your History. Part of our campaign to get generations hanging out."

Take a look at the video's. Then invite someone to enjoy the magic of a memory as you go through your pictures. Telling stories so we can all remember.

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