Sunday, December 12, 2010

Do You Know Me?

My thoughts are splintered as I think about friends and life experiences.  My husband took himself off the road for medical reasons a year and a half ago.  Unfortunately that cut our income in half.  I feel isolated as I try to figure out the money issues.  I know he is suffering and until a few months ago did not even have a diagnosis. – We found out that he has herniated disks in his lower lumbar region. 

I am always humbled when I read “Living in the Shadows of Alzheimer’s”  She writes from the heart.  She uses words to paint vignettes of dark despair and love.  I remember those days.  I am so glad for the increase in resources and the internet support groups that now exist.  I wish I had reached out more when I was in the eye of the storm.

Yesterday I was at a technology class.  One of the ladies facilitating the class has been a colleague for many years.  She is a librarian at a different school.  I asked her if she had read my blogs?  She said yes my favorite is Windows 2 My Life.  “They were really funny, I was surprised.” Her comment made me laugh.

I smiled and said “You didn’t know I had a sense of humor.”

“No, I didn’t – but you do!”

How often we work and live with people yet never make deep connections.  People only see pieces of who we are.  A lot like the photos that show a small piece of a bigger picture.

Maybe that’s why I feel so fragmented.