Monday, July 6, 2009

Keeping the Brain Sharp

Please read the full article at the Alzheimer's Research website on brain health.

10 Tips for Keeping the Brain Sharp Into 2009

One piece of excellent news in the past year was that brain health seems to be improving among older Americans. A large national survey from the University of Michigan found that over a 10-year-period ending in 2002, memory loss and thinking problems were down significantly among seniors aged 70 and up, from 12.2 percent to 8.7 percent. That’s a change that translates into hundreds of thousands of men and women, though Alzheimer’s is still a top concern for millions worldwide.

Here’s a roundup of's Wellness and Prevention stories from the past year that may help set the tone for a brain-healthy new year:

1. Stay Mentally Challenged.

2. Practice Good Waist Management.

3. Work It.

4. Stay in School.

5. Maintain an Active Social Life.

6. Walk for the Brain.

7. Keep Cholesterol in Check.

8. Control Blood Pressure.

9. Pass the Fish.

10. Surf the Web.

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