Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Opening Doors

He sends his angels.

Confusion and fear can strike at any time.  I remember going shopping one day.  Mom got very antsy while we were in Michaels, craft store.  I got her to the car and she refused to get in.  I tried coaxing, I tried bribing her, begging.  This happened before I had a cell phone, so I could not call for assistance, nor could I leave her by herself to go get help. Our standoff probably lasted 45 minutes when a silver haired gentleman approached and asked: "May I be of assistance?"

I told him my dilemma that Mom wouldn't get in the car.  I remember the angel smiled at Mom.  He spoke gently to her and said "Let me get that door for you".

My Mom's eyes lit up and she grinned.  She was very pleased to have such a gallant man open her door for her.  I was ecstatic.

He turned to me and said, " I understand, sometimes an outsider can do what we can't do ourselves."

I was so grateful for his intervention.  I always worried how are shopping trips would turn out.  I could never predict what would set her off and confuse her.

She loved visiting with people. Most of the time our trips brought her great pleasure.  The other times they brought me great appreciation for the help of strangers.  I also learned to ask other people if they wanted assistance.  Sometimes a simple gesture on our part can make all the difference in the world.
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