Friday, May 21, 2010

Legacy Project - Across Generations

The Legacy Project has three banner programs: Across Generations, Life Dreams, and Our World. The Across Generations is a project that explores the connections with others. It encourages closer relationships between generations. They strive to examine ways to celebrate the special relationships that can be forged between young and old. The goal is to develop closer relationships between generations of family and community.

The center piece book for Across Generations is the book "A Little Something" (Softcover edition is titled "Something to Remember Me By"). the website has many free articles and activities. They also list available workshops as well as other support materials.

The Legacy Project has an annual contest"Listen to a Life Essay Contest". The next contest starts September 2010. Go online and read some of the winning essays from past contests. I am really excited about this program.

Something to Remember Me By : [An Illustrated Story for Young and Old

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