Monday, May 17, 2010

Favorite Kitchen Tools

Cutting up food for another person can sometimes take longer than the other person wants. Getting the pieces small enough, similar size and doing it consistently. Then I discovered a tool that is in most kitchens. The pizza cutter. I used the pizza cutter to cut pancakes, waffles, some vegetables, hamburger patties and jello jigglers.

I shared this tool with Mom's daily caregivers, they all loved it. My favorite pizza cutter was a promotional gift, it has a hand guard and is completely plastic and comes apart for washing.

I always tried to have colorful place mats for Mom's meals. She loved bright colors. Many of them had different textures that she enjoyed touching. It also helped with clean up.

The stick immersion blender is great for making smoothies and blending soups. When Mom lived with me I used it daily, in fact I had two of them.

I always made sure that Mom had snacks several times a day. jello jigglers, raisins, baby carrots cut up, pieces of cheese, summer sausage. I looked for protein finger foods.

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