Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zentangle, Reflecting & Relaxing

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When I was caring for my mother full time; I was always looking for activities that she would enjoy and that she could do. I also looked for ways to let go of the stress. I recently found some sites that are caled Zentangle or Zentangle influenced art. It is doodles taken to an art form.

You can google Zentangle and watch videos as well as go to the website for Zentangle and read back issues of their newsletter. The image on my blog was my 2nd Zentangle. I enjoyed playing with Zentangle and it helped me center and it felt very satisfying.

Anyone can do this; the developers have used this art form with elementary students. I really think individuals in early to moderate stages of dementia would enjoy this activity. I bought a package of micron pens $10.00 and 2 chipboard tiles (scrap booking supplies) $2.50. Then looked at the newsletters and other peoples Zentangle for doodle patterns. If you click on my Zentangle it will enlarge so you can see the pieces better.

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day and relaxation.

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