Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hand-over-hand technique

While reading blogs I came upon The Dementia Caregivers Toolbox. I used to put my hand over Mom's hand when I tried to feed her during the late stage of AD. I never new there was a name for this or why it worked. I am sure many people do this instinctively. It is very reassuring when you get validated unexpectedly.

I encourage you go to the Dementia Caregivers Tool box and read the full article. What a great site. Here is a sliver of the article.

The concept of the "hand-over-hand" technique is beyond simple and can be used by anyone to assist a person with dementia in many tasks. How does it work?

You, as the caregiver, put your hand over the hand of the person who has dementia and gently guide them to the activity at hand. If the task is walking, you would put your hand over their hand and slowly lead them down the hall, maybe clasping both your hands around their hand. If the task is stirring the cookie batter, you would put your hand over their hand and "show" them the motion used to stir and do it with them. You can use this strategy for helping people get in and out of chairs, brushing teeth, turning on televisions, combing their hair, you name it.

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