Friday, June 19, 2009

National Impact of Alzheimer’s

According to HBO Alzheimer’s Project - the Harris Interactive Census - 54% of the US population (100 million people have been touched by Alzheimer’s.

What an overwhelming statistic. The Alzheimer’s Project website is a great resource. The project is a 4 part film documentary by HBO. The website also has 15 supplemental films (many about current research). Community resources and out reach projects. They also have a tribute wall for people to add their stories.

Alzheimer’s has affected many of my Mother’s family: 1 of her aunts; her mother; one brother; one sister; and herself. According to the Harris Interactive Census it is the 2nd most feared disease next to cancer. One third of American adults are afraid of getting it.

In another article I remember reading that currently 5 million people have the disease, but Alzheimer’s affects many more than that when you consider the impact on family and friends. Mind blowing numbers!

For me, seeing how current research is progressing is very encouraging. When I started caring for my Mother there wasn’t a lot of information about being a caregiver and information on the disease itself was limited. What a difference 11 years has made. My Aunt went into an assisted living center about two years ago. I talk to her on the phone about once a month, (she lives in another state) I am impressed at how well she is doing. She doesn’t remember being told about Mom’s passing and I don’t remind her.

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